OPEN ELKE WOENSDAG (10-17U), VRIJDAG (10-18U) EN ZATERDAG (10-17U). Vermeld bij afhalen of laten bezorgen als u uw aankoop als GESCHENKJE wil laten inpakken. Bezorgen is GRATIS vanaf 50 euro ! Afhalen in de winkel is 5% KORTING op je klantenkaart.

_chris kabel hidden vase small/large clear


Plaats je bloemen rondom de watercontainer in het frame, zodat het lijkt alsof ze uit de schaal groeien waarin ze water krijgen.

Bestaat in small en large.

Borosilicaatglas. Small is 31 cm hoog. Large is 37 cm hoog. Maak je keuze in onderstaand menu.

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Chris Kabel combines an interest in hardcore science with an intuitive, artistic approach to design everyday objects. researching, dissecting, analysing, dreaming, discovering by accident, testing new ideas in material experiments, and finally the search for simple, practical means to construe the products, have always been the starting point of his designs. he is not interested in a signature style, but instead remains close to the inspiration he draws from the materials and the techniques. as a result only the good viewer recognizes the ‘typical kabel products’ immediately, a characteristic that does not hide in the looks but in the underlying attitude towards design. “i like to be smart more than stylish”. equally important to kabel is the context of his works. kabel is one of the dutch designers who in the past decade won international fame with his designs.

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